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Hey Insiders,

OK, so I recorded this video update yesterday to kind of give you an idea where we are headed. It is going to be a bit controversial I am sure, but it is what I HAVE to do. It is about 20 minutes long, so grab a drink, sit down, relax and listen. I want to know exactly how you feel in the comments below.

If you are ready to go on this journey with me (us) please CLICK HERE to sign up FREE now.

What are your thoughts?

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David FosterHubze 2014

35 Comments on “Hubze 2014”

  1. Deborah Aldridge

    I’ve reinvented myself online several times, so I fully understand. I’m glad you are moving away from Facebook, because I hate it. You’ll be fine, David. You have what it takes to make this work. Can’t wait to see the progression.

  2. Vic

    Hi David,

    I’ve been a fan of yours since just before the launch of the Hubze card and have been on this journey with you ever since then. Yes it’s been a wild ride. I remember the launch of FPE 4.0 which was quickly followed up with a Major update by Facebook. Through it all you have stood by what you believe in and have always thought more about your customers then yourself and I commend you for that and wish you and your family the best as you move forward. I share your passion for your original idea and if I can help in any way please let me know.

    1. David Foster

      Yes, Facebook has about killed us several times, and it just really makes it tough to provide good service when you cannot even figure out half the time what they have done.LOL And I appreciate the offer, and one way you can definitely help is to just stick with us and know that we have YOU in mind in everything we do. :)

  3. Lois Wyant

    Thanks David, appreciate your honesty and your trials. Looking forward to seeing what you will be rolling out next. Have enjoyed following you and your journey.

  4. Richard Kaulfers

    Hey David,

    It was cool to take part in the initial investment, Risk is just that, glad to see you’re pushing forward with your vision.

  5. Marius Wlassak

    Thanks David; all sounds good and yes to Deborah – FB is history and for having some fun. nothing more. Huh ;)

  6. Lee

    I am going to say it like I see it.

    Your comments come across like its everyone else’s fault and not yours…. Facebook, the 1500 (?) Free Users, the people you gave discount for, etc..

    I sent you an email months ago offering a solution and you still have the “lone injured wolf” mindset.
    You have a community – how many of them might be able to help !!?!!

    I would guess that most of your 500 paying customers who you just canceled (I am one of them), might not want your “basic skills trainings”. I think you may lose a lot of your community now because your old product and new product are targeting a different markets. (skill sets & needs)

    One of your mistakes that you mentioned is offering too many people a discount – you just done the same thing again, offering your community yet another discount on the new product.

    My advice – time to really start from scratch and build your credibility with your community again.
    I could have canceled my subscription myself long ago but I chose not too. I knew you had finance issues and left it in place to help and support you regardless. I wonder how many other were doing the same. Instead of having a dialogue with us, you cut us off….

    Im out..

    1. David Foster

      Hey Lee, thanks for the feedback. If you would really listen to the video, I take full responsibility. I am not blaming the 14,000…Facebook etc I am saying that my decisions on what to do with those people…and Facebook…MY decisions are why we are where we are. I do not recall an email with a “solution”.

      I understand not all people are going to want the basic training, and I am not forcing it on them…I am just doing what I can to generate the capital to move forward back into the hubze cardz and apps. It’s not easy when you don’t have the overhead. The reason I am able to offer a discount now is because our $20,000 per month overhead is now $500 per month…therefore I do not have the resources to cover. I just did not want to continue to charge people since I was taking the product offline.

      I have communicated as best I could. I sent emails, but generally did not get many responses from them. Sorry you are out, but that is fine. I thank you for supporting us while you did. Best of luck in whatever you do.

  7. George H. Lutz

    David, Thanks for your thorough update! I too am fed up with Facebook. I’m very interested in seeing what you develop!

    I’m sure it will take into consideration everything that’s evolving with the Semantic Web, right?

    Best, George H. Lutz

      1. George H. Lutz

        Thanks for your response, David!

        I just want to add briefly that I was very impressed with the candor and honesty demonstrated in your video. It was very refreshing against the usual B.S. that generally overpopulates the net!

        Best, George H. Lutz

        1. David Foster

          Thank you George, I appreciate that. I have always worked hard to approach things this way because I feel people can see right through you if you don’t. And trust me, I know the BS you speak of. :)

  8. Bill Joyce

    Hey I know the internet and marketing on/to the online world is brutal at best. However, That’s why we do it because we can and never give up, ala Hubze from the biginning. Very ambitious, but when you deal with the 2,000 lb gorillas it is always a bit of a challenge LOL!.
    I have tried FB in several forms only to get SNO-blinded (Shiny New Objects).
    So, “Once more into the breach…” I look forward to seeeing your efforts be successful

    Bill Joyce

    1. David Foster

      Hey Bill, thanks for the comment. Yes it certainly is a 2,000 lb gorilla, but lets add that it is bi-polar. :) I am excited about where we are going to go. Glad you’re going with us!

  9. Joanna Gasdogas

    Thank you David for the update. You have a clear vision and you are not giving up. 2014 will be Hubze’s year.

    I totally agree about Facebook. I cannot keep up with them. They change everyday and I have no idea what direction they are taking. And as far as the tabs go, yes, I have to send paid traffic to my tabs, which is ridiculous, because this is supposed to be social media. No other platform is doing that…. at least not yet (not talking about Google Adwords/Adsense). Even my FB ad campaigns are unpredictable. I may be incorrect in saying this, but Facebook doesn’t like you to do “really well” if you’re a small business owner. My ads have gone from >50% CTR (no kidding) and a CPC between 0.0.-.01 cents, running smoothly for about a week, and then all of a sudden the next day, I get a flat line. I don’t understand that, Do they start showing my ad over and over to the same people although my audience is nowhere near being exhausted. Anyway, sorry for venting.

    But you are correct, you cannot rely on any one platform. It’s totally asking for trouble. I am glad to be a part of your venture and totally support what you are doing (although it doesn’t count for much).

    Kind regards and to a Happy and Prosperous 2014!

    1. David Foster

      Thanks for the comment Joanna! I understand totally what you mean about Facebook ads. I have built this entire company on their ads, and the first year they really performed well, but now…it is not the case. I do have one page that I am able to do well with, but all the others I have seen a drop in every metric available and am not sure why. They just change things so much, which then forces other companies like ours to have to change with them. Thanks for the support, and I hope we can all make 2014 a great year!

  10. Catherine Linzalone

    Just had a chance to view this. I, like so many others out there, have had to reinvent myself more than once. What I really admire about you is how genuine you are and your perseverance. Risk is…well…risky! Giving up on my dreams has never been an option for me – glad it’s not for you either. Onwards and upwards! Here’s to positive changes in 2014!

    1. David Foster

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Catherine. I appreciate the feedback. Ya, it is never easy but dreams are dreams. :) Congrats to you as well and yes…here’s to positive changes IN 2014! :)

  11. David Tomen

    Saw this one coming awhile ago David, and wondered what you were going to do next. Just came across the Facebook Marketing Plan we did with Mark Joyner it seems not too long ago. I wish you much success my friend and please let me know how/if I can help!

    1. David Foster

      Thanks David. Appreciate it, and yes we saw it coming too, just tried to make the transition slower to make it easier on everyone, but that did not work out. Hard to go slow in such a fast paced environment.

    1. David Foster

      Well, paying that hosting is also dependent on how many people I get sign up to the training. It is not generating revenue, so if we do not get enough people signed up to cover that cost, we will have to take them down. So far, I have been covering the costs personally.

      1. JoAnne

        David, please give us a heads up on the tabs if this happens, I still manage a few pages that have the tabs and want to let the clients know if they are going away

  12. Alicia

    David, I appreciated the video. I truly believe that it takes a lot to stand up and say to your people that “what we are doing is not working, but that doesn’t mean we are going to quit.”

    My goodness, I am still trying to invent myself for the first time. I am 63 and feel that I was born 3 + decades too soon. I love to watch and see all the new developments in technology and am in awe of your perseverance, your knowledge, and your heart.

    I have been with you since the Hubze card and the FPE. In fact I bought the Developer package because it gave me the ability to be creative in a way that I had never been able to be. I wanted to learn to help others (a path I am still trying to conquer today.) I loved the ability to create the few pages that I was able to do and although it was short-lived, a lot of people liked it. I thank you for that.

    I am really excited to be there at the front of the line when you open the new gates. Although my knowledge is extremely limited, my desire to learn is just as extremely strong. I believe I have some good ideas and was in hopes the system would enable me to get where I want to be. I still feel that way today. I am with you all the way.

    After hearing what you had to say today, I am not at all discouraged, but ready to try it out when you get it up and going. I do have plans to retire by the time I hit 66 and therefore I will need your guidance to move me along fairly rapidly so I can reach that goal.

    1. David Foster

      Hey Alicia! Thank you so much for being a long time fan. 63 is the new 29, so you have plenty of time! :D You will most definitely be at the front of the line, and I hope we can help you reach your goal as quickly as possible. Again, thank you and I look forward to seeing your progress!

  13. Julius Po

    Hi David,

    Your approach is very real and genuine. I have been your paid customer for almost 3 years now. Paid One time Fees for different updates of Hubze, then FPE, and then again jumped on the monthly fee membership. The only reason of being here on Hubze was the belief you had in you and your product.

    My suggestion – Keep your dreams on, and I m sure you will have many true individuals who will support you including me. I have truly believed in YOU and the trust will stand strong.

    Count me in, in all your future endeavours.

    All the best,

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